Yo. My dad and me are very tight on money at the moment, so I’m starting commissions. “Gee wilikers lady, why would I be interested in that?”

Because you can get nice shiny drawings! And because, obviously, you love me. Atleast you should, I didn’t sneak love potion in your tea for nothing.

So here’s the low-down  suppose: 

  • Busts (usually waist up): sketch/simple color: $2 Clean lined/color: $3
  • Simple chibi w/color: $3 Doodle w/simple color: $2
  • Sketchy body/scene: $4 Clean lined/colored full body: $5 and detailed full/color $6
  • I can also do short comic strips or multiple sketches (ie a body shot with two headshots or something). Pricing for this is debatable. 
  • To add characters +$1


  • I draw pretty much anything, I don’t turn down much for drawing
  • Yes, that includes anthros, nsfw, gore, animals (but a warning, I can’t draw animals very well)
  • Only if I find your request unpractical/uncomfortable would I turn you down
  • I can draw both traditionally or graphically. I prefer traditional for sketches or color busts. But you can specify what you want. ie. I want a bust done digitally, in your messy style. Or, I want a clean watercolor full body pic.

Contact info:

  • so you wanna know how to get a piece of this fine booty deal?
  • well, first thing’s first. I only pay through paypal. 
  • So now that that’s clear, you can just contact me through my email address: martinezkatt04@yahoo.com
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